• Free Public Art Gallery
  • Opening Hours
  • Tuesday–Saturday 11am–6pm
  • First Thursday of Every Month 11am–9pm
  • Triple Vita Nestings

    Haegue Yang

    30 June–30 August

    Upcoming Exhibition
  • The Mermaids: Mirror Worlds

    Karrabing Film Collective

    30 June–30 August

    Upcoming Exhibition
  • Light Between Our Oceans

    Louise Bennett

    5–30 June

    Green Screen
  • Loops and Knots

    Weaving Workshop with Lisa Hilli

    Saturday 7 July, 11am–4pm

  • The Commute

    First Nations sovereignties and dialogues across the Great Ocean

    September–December 2018

  • Corps à Corps

    Céline Condorelli with Dirk Yates & Pete Shields


    Courtyard Commission

Fourth Annual Gala Honouring Richard Bell

6 June 2018

Each year the IMA’s Annual Gala is held in honour of a leading Australian artist, academic,...

Louise Bennett Poetry Reading

28 June 2018

In conjunction with Louise Bennett’s Light Between Our Oceans, hear a spoken word poem by...

Tom Nicholson & Dale Harding

Talk Date: 21 April 2018

Tom Nicholson and Dale Harding discuss making work on the surfaces of architecture, air and particles as a way to make marks, and absences and polit...

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