The IMA has a longstanding commitment to research and a rich history of publishing critical readers, exhibition catalogues, and artist monographs. We publish between three and five volumes a year, most of them in tandem with our exhibition program. Recent publications has been co-published with Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne; The Power Institute, The University of Sydney; and Sternberg Press, Berlin.

Between 2007 and 2013, the IMA co-published the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art, together with the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand, Australasia's professional organisation for art historians.

IMA Publications

IMA Publications

Amalia Pica: please listen hurry others speak better

Ryan Presley: Prosperity

The Artist As

Tom Nicholson: Lines towards Another

Ross Manning: Dissonant Rhythms

Frontier Imaginaries Edition No1

Imaginary Accord

Nicholas Mangan: Limits to Growth

Gordon Bennett: Be Polite

Mierle Laderman Ukeles: Seven Work Ballets

Patrick Staff: The Foundation

Slavs and Tatars: Mirrors for Princes

Hito Steyerl: Too Much World

Stuart Ringholt: Kraft

How Aborigines Invented the Idea of Contemporary Art

Mikala Dwyer: Drawing Down the Moon

Gerry Bibby: The Drumhead

Vernon Ah Kee: Born in this Skin

Simon Starling: In Speculum

The Critic’s Part: Wystan Curnow Art Writings 1971–2013

Shane Cotton: The Hanging Sky

Craig Walsh

Radical Revisionism: An Anthology of Writings on Australian Art

What Is Appropriation?

Sweat: The Subtropical Imaginary

Grant Stevens: Are You Upset with Me?

Peter Madden

Brook Andrew: The Cell

Mirror Mirror: Then and Now

Paul Foss et al.: The &-Files: Art & Text 1981–2002

Stuart Koop: Crackle: Contemporary Art from the Middle of Nowhere

Rose Nolan: Why Do We Do the Things We Do

Diena Georgetti: The Humanity of Abstract Painting 1988–2008

Chris Marker: Owls at Noon Prelude: The Hollow Men

Philip Brophy: Hyper Material for Our Very Brain