• Dorothy Napangardi

  • Dorothy Napangardi

  • John Reynolds History and the Uses of History and Dorothy Napangardi

  • John Reynolds Y2K and Dorothy Napangardi

  • John Reynolds Ballet Mechanique

  • John Reynolds Ballet Mechanique and Dorothy Napangardi.

Dorothy Napangardi / John Reynolds

7 March–25 April 2009

This show places the paintings of Dorothy Napangardi and John Reynolds in conversation. An experimental Warlpiri artist from Mini Mina, Napangardi paints her country without recourse to traditional family iconography, inventing her own language to portray her country. Her paintings are filigrees of dotted lines that optically expand and contract, collide and implode. 'Her view is constantly changing: one painting giving an aerial perspective; the next being as if she has placed a microscope to the ground.' Auckland painter John Reynolds is known for his drawing-based paintings, many of which present fields of broken lines. Reynolds is known for mashing abstraction and language, conflating history painting and landscape, interweaving the 'primitive' and the digital, and playing on withheld meaning.