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'Weed Killer', 2017. Dir. Patrick Staff

QFF Screening, Love Means Taking Action Part 2

16 August 2018 – 6:30PM-8:00PM

Event Type: Film screening

Queensland Film Festival’s Aesthetics of Care program, incorporating Love Means Taking Action Parts 1 & 2, present works that engage with caring, parenting, and domestic labour. Presented in partnership with the IMA, these screenings feature films that not only explore the act of caring but also engage in tender and thoughtful methods of production. This screening of short filmic works stands alone, so no need to have seen part one of the program.

The screening will be accompanied by a panel discussion with artist Freja Carmichael, art historian Courtney Pederson, and artist Sancintya Simpson.

Love Means Taking Action Part 2 | Mixed | 6:30pm | 18+

Mamoushka | Valérie Massadian 2012 | 10 minutes
Director Valérie Massadian’s ode to her ageing mother. Using a combination of photographic stills and audio, Mamoushka is a portrait of a woman and her memories of life and love. Courtesy of Gaïjin and Valérie Massadian

Charity | Kate Davis 2017 | 16 minutes
Inspired by Scottish filmmaker and poet Margaret Tait, this film explores the largely invisible and unpaid processes of caring for others. Charity pairs art historical images of breastfeeding with surreal images of contemporary domesticity. Courtesy of LUX

Pyramid | Margaret Salmon 2014 | 17 minutes
Pyramid responds to Abraham Maslow’s theory of the hierarchy of human needs through the rhythms and choreography of middle-class South England. Courtesy of LUX

Weed Killer | Patrick Staff 2018 | 17 minutes
Central to Weed Killer is a monologue adapted from Catherine Lord’s memoir The Summer of Her Baldness in which an actress reflects upon her experience of chemotherapy. This monologue is intertwined with otherworldly sequences, including choreographic gestures shot with high-definition thermal imaging. Courtesy of Patrick Staff

The Body Beautiful | Ngozi Onwurah 1991 | 23 minutes
A white mother undergoes a mastectomy while her black daughter embarks on a modeling career, revealing the profound effects of body image and the strain of racial and sexual identity on their charged, intensely loving bond. Exploring the depths of maternal strength and daughterly devotion, this film stars director’s real-life mother. Courtesy of the NFSA