IMA Exhibition Archive 2004–1975


  • 6 FEBRUARY–13 MARCH: Fresh Cut: Megan Bennett, Catherine Chui, Kate Dickson, Julia Dowe, Joshua Feros, Krystal Ingle, Svenja Kratz, Alice Lang, Ben Murrell, Sonya G. Peters, David Spooner, Katherine Taube (Curator Chris Handran)
  • 19 MARCH–24 APRIL: Sacred Ground Beating Heart Judy Watson
  • 30 APRIL–29 MAY: Lobby Play Nicole Voevodin-Cash; Arryn Snowball; Code Donna Marcus; Walker Brad Nunn; Incidental Infinity Ali Verban
  • 4 JUNE–3 JULY: PCP: Post-Contemporary Painting Paul Bai, Guy Benfield, Bibo, Catherine Brown, Camilla Cassidy, Diena Georgetti, Shane Haseman, Jason Markou, Robert Pulie, Tony Schwensen, David M. Thomas, Paul Wrigley (Curator David M. Thomas)
  • 9 JULY–14 AUGUST: The Humid Condition Sophie Cadman, Ross Hucks, Deanna Maich, Simon Poole, Charles Street, Samuel Tupou, Daniel Wallwork; Surface Browser Tim Plaisted
  • 27 AUGUST–25 SEPTEMBER: Samzie Space/IMA International Exchange Choi Dusu, Choi So-Yeon, Sasa and Craig Walsh, Wilkins Hill, Jay Younger
  • 3 SEPTEMBER–24 OCTOBER: View through to the Other Side of the World Eric Snell
  • 1–23 OCTOBER: Queensland New Photomedia Deb Mansfield, Maurice Ortega, Ray Cook; Antirrealismos: Spanish Photomedia Now Enrique Marty, Mira Bernabeu, Joan Morey, Aitor Oritz, Segio Belinchon, Ixone Sadaba, Chus Garcia-Fraile, Miguel Angel Gaueca, Lara Alamarcegui, Cesar Alvarez, Olga Adelantado, Christina Lucas, Fenando Sanchez Castillo, El Perro, Jesus Segura (Curator Paco Barragan); The Shangri-La Collective: A Maria Cruz Project Lisa Andrew, Mishka Borowski, Carla Cescon, Sadie Chandler, Maria Cruz, Debra Dawes, Elizabeth Day, Mikala Dwyer, Deej Fabyc, Sarah Goffman, Joyce Hinterding, Lisa Hoelzl, Susanne Howard, Jemima Isbester, Samia Mikhail, Debra Petrovitch, Mary Lou Pavlovic, The Kingpins, Elizabeth Pulie, Eugenia Raskopoulos, Jacky Redgate, Margaret Roberts, Julie Rrap, Nike Savvas, Josephine Starrs, Jasmine Steven, My Le Thi, Mari Velonaki, Peggy Wallach, Sarah Waterson, Justene Williams
  • 2–27 NOVEMBER: Experimenta: House of Tomorrow Petra Trefzger, Marco Bresciani and Sam de Silva, Lycette Bros., Marcus Lyall, Sally Blenheim, Jim Campbell, Richard Brown, Leon Cmielewski and Josephine Starrs, Stephen Barrass and Linda Davy and Kerry Richens, Ian Haig, Scott Snibbe, Steven Mieszelewicz and Nimrod Weis and Asaf Weis, Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine and Liam Fennessy, Elizabeth Vander Zaag, Tan Teck Weng, James Cecil and Geoff Robinson, DVD jukebox (various artists) (Curators Liz Hughes, Shiralee Saul, Helen Stuckey)
  • 11 DECEMBER–29 JANUARY 2005: Not Only, but Also Nat & Ali; Weapons on the Wall Chris Howlett; Drift Pat Hoffie; Swamp Dynamics Bronwyn Wright


  • 6 FEBRUARY–9 MARCH: Fresh Cut Paul Adair, Cameron Anderson, Nick Batchelor, Timothy Kendall Edser, Kirstan Flannery, Danny Ford, Tracy Grant, Jane Hudson, Matt Malone, Deborah Mansfield, Luisa Rossitto, Grant Stevens, Wilkins Hill (Curator Alison Kubler)
  • 13 MARCH–18 APRIL: Madonna Staunton
  • 1–31 MAY: Fields Micky Durrng, Fiona Foley, Ken Thaiday, Roy Wiggan (curators Diane Moon, Djon Mundine)
  • 12 JUNE–12 JULY: Vernon Ah Kee; Jewel Mackenzie; Seeing You Seeing Me Seeing You Kim Demuth; Annie Hogan; Slower Christopher Bennie
  • 31 JULY–30 AUGUST: Sol’s Violin Andrew Kettle; Sound Lounge Lowkey+Nude; Particle Moves Ed Osborn; Arena Ed Osborn; Treatment Scanner and Matiasek, I/0 and Rebecca Nissen, Lloyd Barrett, Philip Brophy (Curator Lawrence English)
  • 4 SEPTEMBER–11 OCTOBER: Readymade Beata Batorowicz, Greg Leong, Lisa Reihana (Curator Ruth McDougall)
  • 16 OCTOBER–29 NOVEMBER: Collective Dwelling Act XI Lucy Orta; Gulliver’s Travels Craige Andrae, Katie Moore, Charles Robb, Beata Batorowicz, Matt Calvert, Richard Giblett, Tim Silver, Louise Paramor, James Angus, Callum Morton, Ricky Swallow, Louise Weaver, Timothy Horn (Curator Stuart Koop); Entropical: A Short History of the Suburban Arcadia from Ideal Home to Gated Community Gary Carsley; Trailer James Avery
  • 13 DECEMBER–31 JANUARY 2004: 4.30 Weekdays Roderick Bunter; Cloaked Judith Kentish; Everything I Wanted Michael Zavros; It’s a Complex World Sarah Ryan; Dead Finks Don’t Talk Gina Tornatore


  • 31 JANUARY–9 MARCH: Fortresses and Frontiers Anne Zahalka; High Anxiety Anne Wallace; Blush Annette Bezor; Pyjama Girl Maryanne Lynch
  • 16 MARCH–28 APRIL: Fresh Cut Linda Ault, Christopher Bennie, Jarren Borghero, Bianca Cavalliotis, Amanda Cuyler, Marta Kawka, Justin Kuo, Eun Ju (Nathalie) Lee, Shaun O’Connor, Lise MacDermott, Tara Pattenden, Deborah Redwood, Daniel Sala
  • 2 MAY–8 JUNE: Confit Daniel Templeman; Painting Paul Bai; Blind of Sight Judith Wright; Silent Movie No. 1 Rye Barry
  • 4–20 JULY: Self: Contemporary Indian Video Art Shilpa Gupta, Subba Ghosh, Umesh Maddanahali, Subboth Gupta, Surekha, Sonia Khurana, Tejal Shah (Curator Johan Pijnappel)
  • 25 JULY–31 AUGUST: Modified Terrain Christopher Langton, Patricia Piccinini (Curator Mark Feary)
  • 11 SEPTEMBER–12 OCTOBER: Your Place or Mine? Fiona Foley, Simryn Gill; Eye Contact Merilyn Fairskye
  • 19 OCTOBER–23 NOVEMBER: Bypass Rodney Spooner; Perception Lookout: The East and West of Self-Organisation Jondi Keane; Heterodyning Cage Adam Donovan; Under Carl Warner
  • 30 NOVEMBER–25 JANUARY 2003: Muscle Car Daniel Wallwork; Sharpies Peter Robertson; Monster Paul Wrigley; Punt Nat Paton; French Pup, Live Action C.C.P 2001 Guy Benfield


  • 8 FEBRUARY–17 MARCH: Fresh Cut Georgina Berkman, Jose Da Silva, Gareth Donnelly, Lucy Griggs, Chris Handran, Simone Hine, Annie Hogan, Jewel MacKenzie, Janice Peacock, Amanda Pound, Caroline Southwood (Curator Ruth McDougall)
  • 22 MARCH–20 APRIL: Chinatown Souvenirs (On Not Knowing) Mandy Ridley
  • 22 MARCH–5 MAY: What John Berger Saw John Berger and John Christie, Robert Boynes, Susan Fereday, Elizabeth Gertsakis, Dean Golja, Paul Hoban, John Hughes, Tim Johnson, Peter Kennedy, Peter Lyssiotis, Polixeni Papapetrou, Gregory Pryor, Anne Zahalka, Constanze Zikos (Curator Merryn Gates)
  • 23 OCTOBER–24 NOVEMBER: Robert MacPherson
  • 1 DECEMBER–26 JANUARY 2002: The Nymph and the Adult Hema Upadhyay; (Un)real Sung Kwon Park; On Contemporary $ilence Eugene Carchesio; Tauira/Hypergirls/Fluffy Fings Lisa Reihana
  • 1 DECEMBER–9 MARCH 2002: Remember Me Susan Fereday


  • 10 FEBRUARY–11 MARCH: Fresh Cut Beata Batorowicz, Donna Cagney, Joanne M. Cowper, Brett Crunkhorn, Kim Demuth, Gary Loo Bun, Michelle McLeod, Kelly Robertson Shaun Weston (Curator Renai Stoneley)
  • 16 MARCH–29 APRIL: Another Landscape: History, Life, Language Kaoru Hirabayashi, Nalini Malani, Judith Wright (Curator Emiko Namikawa)
  • 4 MAY–10 JUNE: Colossus Roderick Bunter and Ben Frost; Lines of Sight Vanessa Mafe, Jondi Keane, Markus Siegenthaler; Holes Linings Threads Alicia Felberbaum
  • 15 JUNE–22 JULY: Trojan Horse Andrew Arnaoutopoulos; Open Panorama (Existenz) Franz Ehmann; After Mabo John Hughes
  • 22 JULY–2 SEPTEMBER: Support Charles Robb; Paintings Lisa Adams; Cyberpoetry Underground Komninos Zervos
  • 7–30 SEPTEMBER: Dodg’em Martine Corompt and Philip Samartzis; Horizons and Aphorisms Jondi Keane; Mini-Museums Glen Henderson; Dream Kitchen Leon Cmielewski and Josephine Starrs; Stranded Flurries Sandra Rechico
  • 5 OCTOBER–25 NOVEMBER: Quo Vadis? Richard Stringer
  • 2 DECEMBER–29 JANUARY: Endzone Roderick Bunter, James Dodd, Wade Schaare, Craig Walsh, Leon Waud, Shaun Weston (Curators Mark Gomes and David Broker)
  • Output: Artistic Myths and Urban Realities, off-site project, Empire Building, Brunswick Street
  • MARCH–APRIL: Despite All the Rage Craig Walsh
  • MAY–JUNE: Working Title Patricia Piccinini
  • JUNE–JULY: Faces Merilyn Fairskye


  • 4–27 FEBRUARY: Fresh Cut Bridgette Connell, John Cordas, Tara Cuthbert, Megan Davies, Domenica Elliot, Garrett Hughes, Brenna Jensen, Trevor McMillan, Glenda Pontes Depose, Robyn Priddle, Aaron Stewart, Igor Tomljenovic, Leon Waud, Sean Williams (curator Timothy Morrell); THE RED ROOM: Powerwoman and Boxer Ryan Renshaw; Minutes into Unconsciousness Ben Davis and Mark Watts; The Good Cook Michael Buckley
  • 4–27 MARCH: Close Quarters: Contemporary Art from Australia and New Zealand Lyell Bary, L. Budd et al., Destiny Deacon, Tony de Latour, eX de Medici, Mikala Dwyer, Simryn Gill, Eugene Hansen, Michael Harrison, Gail Hastings, Sean Kerr, Danius Kesminas, Ani O’Neil, Natalie Robertson, Marie Shannon, Terry Urbahn, H.J. Wedge, Constanze Zikos (Curators Christina Barton, Zara Stanhope, Clare Williamson); THE RED ROOM: Artrage Series 3 Paul Brown, Campfire Group, Justine Cooper, Martine Corompt, Franz Ehmann, Richard Grayson, Ian Howard, Komninos, Chris Langton, Mike Parr, Julianne Pierce, Robyn Stacey, Richard Tipping, Suzanne Treister (curator Kim Machan); Artrage Series 3: Strange Cities Tatiana Penties
  • 1 APRIL–1 MAY: Persona Justine Cooper, Merilyn Fairskye, Sue and Ben Ford, Izuru Kasahara, George Penn, Craig Walsh
  • 6–29 MAY: Now Peter Alwast, Paul Bai, Lyell Bary, Lucy Francis, Pip Haydon, Charles Robb, Paul Wrigley
  • 3–26 JUNE: Rampant Simryn Gill; Respirare Sebastian Di Mauro; THE RED ROOM: Death by Art Sally McKenzie, Hackfleisch Katharina Keil; Chunky Bits Bradley Campbell; Voyageur Diane Janicki
  • 1–31 JULY: Pretty Sticky Helen Nicholson; 1000 Accidents and A History of Reading Richard Grayson; Phase Inversion Adam Donovan and Ben Marks
  • 5–28 AUGUST: Blindside Adam Cullen; Pig Face: The Deserted Places of My Memory Pat Hoffie|
  • 12 AUGUST–: Re-Do It participating schools: All Hallows’, Browns Plains, Churchie, Hillbrook, Kenmore, Mt. St. Michaels’, St. Lawrence’s, Stuart Holme (Curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist)
  • 8 SEPTEMBER–9 OCTOBER: Tracey Moffatt
  • 14–30 OCTOBER: National Digital Art Awards (prize recipients: Martine Corompt and Philip Samartzis, Melinda Rackham, Suzanne Treister, Mari Velonaki, Van Le)
  • 4–20 NOVEMBER: Respect: Grandmother + Grandfather Margrett Armstrong, Arone Raymond Meeks, Cheryl Moggs, Laurie Nilsen, Janice Peacock, Colleen Wall, Joyce Watson, Charmaine Wharton-Wall, Andrew Williams, (Curator Samantha Meeks); In My Father’s House Brenda L. Croft; THE RED ROOM: Postcards from Mummy Destiny Deacon
  • 24–27 NOVEMBER: We Think therefore We Art (Queensland College of Art postgraduate exhibition)
  • 1–4 DECEMBER: Rush: Fine Art Final Year Exhibition (Queensland College of Art graduate exhibition)
  • 11 DECEMBER–5 February 2000: Odyssey Luke Roberts, Suzanne Treister
  • Output: Artistic Myths and Urban Realities, off-site project, Empire Building, Brunswick Street
  • SEPTEMBER: Eliza No. 2 Judith Wright
  • OCTOBER–NOVEMBER: Untitled Takehito Koganezawa
  • DECEMBER–MARCH 2000: Macro-Surveillance Jeremy Hynes


  • 5–28 FEBRUARY: Fresh Cut David Akenson, Donna Albany, Peter Alwast, Lexie Anderson, Susan Gray, John Harris, Geoff Hawkes, John Howland and Rob McCulloch, Petalia Mackay, Marco Masci, Natalie Paton, Julie Pitt, Edna Saleh, Amanda Speight, Shozo Terauchi
  • 5–28 MARCH: Twilight Girls Helen Hyatt-Johnson, Jane Polkinghorne; Hunk O’ Burnin’ Love Nat Paton;Wardrobe Jill Barker, Rosalind Brodsky, Liz Day, Christopher Dean, Adrienne Doig, Karen Ferguson, Simryn Gill, Anne Graham, Richard Grayson, Michael Grimm, Larissa Hjorth, Nelia Justo, Shaun Kirby, Nikki Miles, Denise Morden, Christine Morrow, Kendall Murray, Donna Newberry, Carol Norton, Debra Porch, Scott Redford, Luke Roberts, Kristin Sabiel, Michelle Seamons, Suzanne Victor, Nathan Waters, L.E. Young (curators Suzanne Treister, Anne Graham); THE RED ROOM: Shock in the Ear Norie Neumark
  • 2 APRIL–2 MAY: Half Life Roderick Bunter; Asylum Jeff Gibson; THE RED ROOM: Heinrich Changes a Light Globe Peter Mathey, House Call Angus Strachan, The Third Stroke Daniel Nettheim, Roadkill Navigator Matt Gardener
  • 7–30 MAY: Murranji Robert MacPherson; THE RED ROOM: Animations Chris Backhouse; Gott’s Treasure Greg Zaritski
  • 4–27 JUNE: Black Humour Brook Andrew, Bianca Beetson, Campfire Group, Sue Elliot, Julie Gough, Gordon Hookey, Laurie Nilsen, Brenda Palma, Darryl (Milika) Pfitzner, Gerard ‘Bize’ Scifo, H.J. Wedge (curators Jane Barney, Neville John O’Neill): THE RED ROOM: Abstract Hipocrisy Wade Marynowski
  • 2 JULY–1 AUGUST: Beauty 2000 Di Ball, Bianca Beetson, Mikala Dwyer, Jeff Gibson, Susan Gray, Richard Grayson, Eve Klein, John Meade: THE RED ROOM: GEO P Chicago Tina Havelock-Stevens, Harriet’s Garden Brenton Venables, Marital Combat Mark Dickenson, Liminal Peter Morse
  • 6 AUGUST–5 SEPTEMBER: Scales of the Sole and Littoral Robyn Backen; THE RED ROOM: The Kiss Emma Balazs and Annika Glac, Bricks and Mortality David Gunzberg, Balloon Girl Justine Kerrigan
  • 12–19 SEPTEMBER: Griller Girls Are Go Di Ball, Tracey Benson, Linda Carroli, Alex Gillespie, Julianne Lawson, Tara Pattenden, Ann Wulf, Jemima Wyman (curator Di Ball)
  • 12–17 SEPTEMBER: Fifty Record Players various artists (curators Nathan Gray, Dylan Krasevac) for Volt
  • 12–19 SEPTEMBER: Swarm Ed Osborne for Volt
  • 24 SEPTEMBER–3 OCTOBER: National Digital Art Awards (prize recipients: Justine Cooper, John Tonkin, Norrie Neumark, Andrew Stockdale, Tom Hsu and Carly Simone)
  • 8–31 OCTOBER: Cash Crop Fiona Hall; Baroque John Bodman, Steven Elliot, Rachel Ingham, Lee Ingram, Julie Reeves, Peter Storey, Carl Warner (curator Chris Worfold); THE RED ROOM: Three Films Sarah Neal, Technophobia Le Cappelaine
  • 5–14 NOVEMBER: Postgraduate Exhibition 1998 various artists (Queensland College of Art Postgraduate students)
  • 17–28 NOVEMBER: IMPACT: QCA Fine Art Graduate Exhibition various artists
  • 5 DECEMBER–30 JANUARY 1999: Return to Sender: An Exhibition of Contemporary Irish Art via AirmailJeanette Doyle, Blaise Drummond, David Godbold, Finola Jones, Alice Maher, Caroline McCarthy, Padraig Murphy, Maurice O’Connell, Paul O’Neill, Nigel Rolfe, David Sheriff and Anthony McAteer, Theo Sims (curators Mark McCaffrey, Annie Mulroney): THE RED ROOM: Three Films Gregory Godhard, Encyclopedia of Clamps De-Lux’O 
  • Sea Through, off-site project, Anne Street (curator Chris Worfold)
  • 11 MAY–4 JULY: John Bodman and Annie Hogan
  • 13 JULY–5 SEPTEMBER: Simon Tait and Andrew Martin
  • 14 SEPTEMBER–7 NOVEMBER: Janet Gallagher and Gavin Condren


  • 6 FEBRUARY–1 MARCH: Fresh Cut Elizabeth Bach, Di Ball, Catherine Brown, Jodie Cox, Pip Haydon, Chris Howlett, Hiroki Kaneko, Karen Laird, Rita McCulloch, Richard Muldoon, Belinda Parlsow, Sharna Ratcliffe, Ronelle Reid, Daniel Templeman, Penny Wild
  • 6–29 MARCH: Ornamentalism Tony Clark, Debra Dawes, Kathleen Horton and Amanda Speight, Kate Mackay, Anne-Marie May, Helen Nicholson, Elizabeth Pulie, Bruce Reynolds, Constanze Zikos (curator Andrew McNamara);Wall as Medium! Gerold Miller; Harmony Joyce Watson
  • 3–26 APRIL: Fire and Life Judith Wright, Jayashree Chakravarty (curators Alison Carrol, Julie Ewington, Victoria Lynn, Chaitanya Sambrani); THE RED ROOM: Five Films (youths of Deception Bay, West End, and Murrarie); The Cute Machine Martine Corompt
  • 1–24 MAY: Good Grief Mark Bayly, Bianca Beetson, Bonney Bombach, Campfire Group, Margot Grant, Pat Hoffie, David King, Peter Maloney, Paula Payne, Christine Turner (curator Lynne Seear); THE RED ROOM: Blood on a Chandelier Jeffrey Norris, Small Treasures Sarah Watts, Desert Snow Felicia Lansbury, Thirty Words for the CityJohn Colette
  • 29 MAY–21 JUNE: Rapport: Eight Artists from Singapore and Australia Hany Armanious, Carolyn Eskdale, Amanda Heng, Baet Yeok Kuan, Salleh Japar, Christopher Langton, Nicola Loder, Matthew Ngui (curators Natalie King, Tay Swee Lin); Museum Geoffrey Weary
  • 3 JULY–2 AUGUST: Almost There Rodney Spooner; Monsoon William Seeto; THE RED ROOM: Business TravelJohn Howl, Nocturne Ioannis Ioannou, Green Green Grass of Home Jo Law, Elective Physiognomies Jon Tonkin
  • 7–30 AUGUST: Power Corruption Lies Hany Armanious, Roderick Bunter, Janet Burchill, Jennifer McCamely, Ian Burn, David Craig, Prudence Cumes, Juan Davila, Malcom Enright, Rodney Glick, Peter Hill, Christine Morrow, Callum Morton, Susan Norrie, Mike Stevenson, Imants Tillers, Hiram To (curator Scott Redford); THE RED ROOM:La Cloche (The Bell) Bart Goen, Restraint Christy Beard, Home Security Paul McDonald
  • 4–27 SEPTEMBER: 60 Heads eX de Medici; The Blue Room of Humanity Franz Ehmann; THE RED ROOM: Four Short Experimental Films John Brigden, Invert Lloyd Sharp
  • 2 OCTOBER–1 NOVEMBER: Nitty Gritty Jill Barker, Janet Callinicos, Sally Cox, Heather Inglis, Colin Reaney, Hossein Valamanesh (curator Christine Morrow)
  • 18–22 NOVEMBER: QCA Fine Art Graduate Exhibition Queensland College of Art postgraduate students Brenda Runnegar, John Harris, Ronelle Reid, Susan Gray; Queensland University of Technology Multimedia students; Queensland College of Art undergraduate students
  • 27 NOVEMBER–31 JANUARY 1998: Wild Kingdom Craige Andrae, Bianca Beetson, Eugene Carchesio, Michael Eather, Greg Evans and Rowan Alexis, Sue Guilfoyle, Hiroki Kaneko, Christopher Langton, Pamela Lofts, Laurie Nilsen, Patrica Piccinini, Bronwyn Platten, Ricky Swallow, Kathy Temin
  • Art on Line, off-site project, Brunswick Street Railway Station
  • 2 FEBRUARY–23 MAY: Craig Walsh
  • 25 MAY–12 SEPTEMBER: Wendy Mills
  • 14 SEPTEMBER–2 JANUARY: Keith Armstrong 


  • 6 FEBRUARY–1 MARCH: Fresh Cut
  • 22 FEBRUARY–22 MARCH: Do It (‘Twelve concepts laid out as instructions by twelve European and American based artists, negotiated and interpreted by twelve local artists, one GP, one chef, one lawyer, and the staff of the Queensland Art Gallery’); instructions by Rirkrit Tiravnija, Jean-Jacques Rullier, Betrand Lavier, Alison Knowles, Mike Kelley, Ilya Kababov, Fabrice Hybert, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Paul-Armand Gette, Hans-Peter Feldman, Maria Eichhorn, Christian Boltanski; interpreted by Prudence Cumes, Barbara Heath, Jeremy Hynes, Scott Redford, Lyell Bary, David Pestorious, Gail Hastings, Neridah Leembruggen, Dr Alex Messina, Laurie Nilsen, Panos Couros, Geoffrey Schmidt, Bernard King, Jay Younger, Craig Walsh, several staff members of the Queensland Art Gallery (curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist)
  • 11 APRIL–25 MAY: Cue Christine Morrow, Mandy Ridley, Steven Carson, Chris Howlett, Chris Davey, Natalie Patton, Franz Ehmann (curator Donna Confetti); Snare Julie Rrap
  • 6–29 JUNE: Your Time Starts Now Patricia Piccinini; Clutch Luke Roberts
  • 4–27 JULY: Learn by Heart Scott Redford; Natural Alibis John Harris; Palace of Memories: The Tent Lisa Anderson
  • 1–24 AUGUST: Pool, Billards, Snooker Dale Frank; Gypsy Girl, Gypsy Girl Deborah Ostrow
  • 28 AUGUST–21 SEPTEMBER: Faultlines Jill Barker; Dying for Your Sins Suzanne Treister; Brevity Christine Morrow
  • 25 SEPTEMBER–2 NOVEMBER: Above and Beyond: Austral/Asian Interactions Kate Beynon, Neil Emmerson, Simryn Gill, Emil Goh, Joan Grounds, Pat Hoffie, Lindy Lee, Alwin Reamillo, Kevin Todd, Judy Watson, Guan Wei, Ah Xian, John Young (curators Clare Williamson, Michael Snelling); Untitled Gordon Bennett
  • NOVEMBER: End of Clearance (third-year painting students, Queensland College of Arts, Queensland College of Arts graduating students)
  • 7 DECEMBER–1 FEBRUARY 1998: Linkage Leakage Rene Boutin, Jill Chism, Dadang Christanto, Pamela Lofts, Navin Rawanchaikul, Zane Saunders, Ken Thaiday Jr.
  • Off-Site Project, Ann and Gipps Streets traffic island
  • 22 FEBRUARY–JUNE Rot: A Stategy for Decomposition Anne Lord


  • FEBRUARY: Out of My Hair Simryn Gill; Big Wig and Charger Jay Younger (Atlana Del Fuego); Wall Drawings with Parts 1990–1995 Kathy Temin; Exotica under the Microscope Fiona Foley
  • MARCH: Blakness Destiny Deacon, Brook Andrew, Joanne Currie, Rea, Peter Noble, Clinton Peterson
  • APRIL: Welcome Michael Eather, Laurie Nilsen; Seven-ness Judith Wright, Domenico De Clario; Zero One Gordon Bennett, Paul Brown, Donna Confetti, Liz Edwards, Paul Fletcher, Danny Guinsberg, Craig Hoy, Troy Innocent, Hou Leong, Natalie Lowry, Ganey Melek, Helen Meany, Sasha Middleton, Milani/ Nalder, Wendy Mills, Christine Morrow, Csaba Szamosy, Michael Tierney, John Tonkin, Margaret Turner
  • MAY: Basislisk Lloyd Sharp, Wayne Stamp; Placebo Donna Confetti; Changed Conditions AheadXenogeny OneLinda Carroli, Marcia Giannake
  • JUNE: Salon 3×6 Leonard Brown, Eugene Carchesio, Anne Wallace
  • JULY: UK Wit and Excess Helen Chadwick, Kate Davis, Anya Gallaccio, Laura Godfrey-Isaacs, Emma Rushton, Jemimi Stehli, Suzanne Treister, Hermione Wiltshire, Elizabeth Wright (curator Lisa E. Young)
  • AUGUST: Sometimes: Brief Histories of Time Mohini Chandra, Joy Gregory, Yve Lomax (curator Sunil Gupta);Critique Fax Dorrit Yacoley, Ingeborg Tyssen, Lisa Moren, Macieq Toporowicz, Mori Hidekl, T.E. Batten, Gary Willis, Susan Gold, David Humphrey, Lilian A ell, Gibertto Prado, Lawrence Weiner, Robert C Morgan, Regina Vater, John Nixon, Julian Dashper, Paul Panhysen, Jens Brand, Ann Morrison, Terry Burrows, Mishka Borowski, Carlos Fadon Vicente, Kaye Shumack, Pam Aitken, Phil Jullian, Rodney Henton, Paul Van Den, Mark Brown, Virginia Ross, John Conomos, Abby Mellick, Helene Panhuysen, Philip George, Jane Polkinghorne, Marcia Lyons, Paulo Bruscky, Harold Kubiczak, Olof Nordaz, C.A. Prince, Ann Jalde,Richard Whitley, Takashi Oava, Seija Shomoda, Marie Shannon, Micheal Bognar, Lynn Roberts-Goodwin, Bruce McCalmont, Diane McCarthy, Matthys Gerber, John Young, Vicente Butron, Janet Shanks, David Parry, Kris De Ray, Ryszard Wasko, Nike Savvas, Stephen Little, Maten Couche, Cmore Hardy, Tatiana Pentes, Ann Mosey, Suzie Sureck, Narelle Jebelin, Mark Titmarsh, Geofrrey Weary, David Godbold, Lauren Ewing, A.D.S. Donaldson, Lars Muchardt, Tjomas Hanghoff, Doron Polak, Galia Gavish, Phillip Ranger, Margalat Mamma, Dorit Feldman, Roni Somald, Tamor Raban, Buky Schwartz, Yacoo Mishope, Freddy Fabian, Peter Bugess, Lisa Anderson, Andrew Huston, Su Baker, Denise Kum, Brad Buckley, Hany Armanious, Mark Jackson, Richard Dunn, Paul Saint, Sharyn Raggett, Joshua Selman, Jessica Higgins, Helga Groves, Peggy Wallach, Cassie Howard, Guus Koenraais, Jon Cattapan, Christopher Dean, Jeff Gibson, Leanne Barnett, Olga Cironis, Mahalya Middlemist, Emanuel Caiato, Helen Hyatt-Johnston, Jenny Watson, Gary Pearson, Henk Visch
  • SEPTEMBER: Site Seeing Jon Rhodes, Carol Ruff
  • OCTOBER: Raft Ruark Lewis, Paul Carter; Sudden Panos Couros; Monopoly Yenda Carson
  • NOVEMBER: QCA Postgraduate exhibition; QCA Undergraduate Exhibition
  • DECEMBER: QUT Honours exhibition; Sounds like a Jilted Generation (4ZZZ twenty-year retrospective)


  • FEBRUARY: Consignment Andrew Arnaoutopoulos; Desire Lines Maree Bracker; Epue Heart Andrea Sunder-Plassmann; Diaspora Imants Tillers
  • MARCH: Store 5 Stephen Bram, Bronwyn Clarke-Coolee, Tony Clark, Diena Georgetti, Melinda Harper, Gail Hastings, Anne-Marie May, Rose Nolan, John Nixon, Kerrie Poliness, Kathy Temin, Gary Wilson, Constanze Zikos, Imants Tillers    
  • APRIL: Looking at Seeing and Reading (curator Ian Burn); The Ecstacy of Photography Jean Baudrillard; Claiming Turf/Claiming Santiago Bose        
  • MAY: X Rachel Apelt; Stains, Frescoes III Riverbed: Fragments of History Sue Pedley; Span: The Geometry of Labour Barbara Penrose                
  • JUNE: Knowing the Sensorium Midge Allom, Donna Confetti, Joanne Currie Nalingu, Destiny Deacon, Merilyn Fairskye, Nola Farman, Tracey Guinesberg, Pat Hoffie, Frances Joseph, Kate Lohse, Eugenia Raskopoulos, Katarina Vesterberg, I-Lann Yee, Jay Younger (curator Beth Jackson)
  • JULY: Receptor Site Geoffrey Schmidt; Flawed Rodney Spooner; Breathing Space Craig Walsh; Unclear Resemblances David Watt
  • AUGUST: Twenty-Five Years of Performance Art in Australia (curator Nick Waterlow)    
  • SEPTEMBER: An Unbroken Existence Lyndall Milani, Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox, Patricia Garner, Lesley Hawker, Jenny Jackson, Kath Leonard, Heddy Price; The Object of Photography Susan Fereday; Drawn Lines Gail Hastings;Telepathy Bronwyn Platten
  • OCTOBER: East Timor 1942–92 (curators Jenny Groves, Oliver Strewe); Loneliness/Wailing Room Franz Ehmann;Abstraction is the Enemy of the People (Given)/KEANU Scott Redford
  • NOVEMBER: Austrian Films: Heritage, History, Memory and the Temptation of Myth Chris Barry, Heather Winter, Ann Harris; Night Sky John Conomos; Mesh Adam Wolter; Queensland College of Art BA Fine Art Graduate Show
  • DECEMBER: Queensland University of Technology Honours Students show: No Text: Between Earth and SkyHollie 
  • Off-Site exhibition, Goondiwindi
  • JULY: An Unbroken Existence


  • JANUARY: A Contemporary Music Event Robert Forster, John Nixon, Eugene Carchesio
  • FEBRUARY: Sleep Merilyn Fairskye; Twentieth Century Fops Bruce Reynolds and Marian Drew; Strategic AnatomyJoseph O’Connor
  • MARCH–APRIL: The Nature of Space Wendy Mills, Susan Ostling, Ann-Maree Reaney, Mira Waidelich, Judith Wright, Jay Younger (curator Michele Helmrich); Winning Gordon Bennett, Joe Furlonger, Hollie
  • JUNE: Soaked Hany Armanious; Poly-Sections Adam Boyd; VAST Nic Drummond, Michael Phillips, Jeremy Hynes, Craig Walsh (curators Christine Ploetz, Roderick Bunter)
  • JULY: Henle’s Loop: Everybody’s in the House of Love Mikala Dwyer; Take Me to the River Marie Sierra Hughes;Crossings: A New Cultural Practice Ingrid Stahn, Susie Raz, Tamniab Chuawiwat, Bernd Ullrich, Mariangela Vecchi, Donna Toussaint, Sebastian di Mauro, Laurindo de Abreu Soto, Marcel Desbiens, Ed Dziduch, Ana Fonollosa-Gonzales, Raquel Redmond, Ann Bermingham, Sandra Maldonado, Sonja de Sterke, Krzystof Bialoskorski, Franz Ehmann (curators Elena Gallegos-Pereira, Nicholas Tsoutas)
  • AUGUST: Here Not There Steven Alderton, Vicente Butron, Maria Cruz, Simryn Gill, Felicia Kan, Robert Nery, Laurens Tan (curators Hiram To, Nicholas Tsoutas); Big Mouth Body Talk Perfect Leni Hoffmann; Les Etablissements Phonographiques de l’Est Manuel Franke
  • SEPTEMBER: Commitments Robert Campbell Jnr, Tony Coleing, Judy Watson, Maria Rita Barbagallo, Dolly Nampijimpa Daniels, Anne Mosey, Gloria Petjarre, Ronnie Jampijimpa, Robert Cole, Christopher Hodges, Rodney Gooch, Bob Weatherall, Ross Watson, Ruby Langford Gibini, Juno Gemes, Richard Bell, Sean Leahy, David Paulson, Maureen Turner, Maggie Urban, Nikki McCarthy, Richard Goodwin, Carol Ruff, Balgo Artists, Michael Ramsden, Kerry Giles, David Kerr, Gordon Bennett, Imants Tillers, Raymond Meeks, John Gardener (curators Marshall Bell, Henriett Fourmile, Marcia Langton, Michael Eather, Nicholas Tsoutas)
  • OCTOBER: Tekno Viscera Isabelle Delmotte, Linda Dement, Catherine Richards, Josephine Starrs, Sarah Waterson (curator Virginia Barrett); From Van Diemens Land to Video Land Sue Ford
  • NOVEMBER: Free Space Jeremy Hynes, Jan Hynes, Michael Lddle, Kym Mahood, Zeliiko Maric; Graduate Exhibitions Final-Year Students Queensland College of Art amd Queensland Universtiy of Technology students
  • DECEMBER: The Disappointing Latitude Jill Chism, Chris Downie and Elizabeth Woods, Paul Ryan, Belinda Sides, Helen Waterer (curator Marie Biggins)


  • FEBRUARY: Karaoke Hiram To; Static: Design for Interiors Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley
  • MARCH: Who Do You Take Me For? Sutapa Biswas, France de Chiera, Anthony Gett, Joy Gregory, Sunil Gupta, Rhona Harriette, Mona Hatoum, Roshini Kempadoo, Peter Lambropoulos, Peter Lyssiotis, Milan Milojevic, Pratibha Parmar, Dina Tourvas, Edite Videns, Rhonda Wilson (curator Clare Williamson)
  • APRIL: Painting Is Constructed Scott Redford; Corner Strategy Alexandria McClintock, Michelle Luke, Anne Mosey, 
  • Luke Roberts, Rob Muir, Greg Starke, Theo Tremblay, Curtis Weiss
  • MAY: . . . But Never By Chance . . . Jennifer Hamilton, Melanie Howard, Bronia Iwanczak, Sheridan Kennedy, Rosmary Laing, Rosslynd Piggott, Carol Rudyard; Fuel Ian Haig, Jeanelle Hurst, Bronia Iwanczak, Maria Kozic, Stelarc, Liz Sterling, Fiona Templeton, David Wojnarowicz, Linda Wallace, Nicholas Zurbrugg (curator Jay Younger)
  • JUNE: Communique Nike Savvas; Wie So Primitiv, Wie So Sensibel Diena Georgetti; F.A.C.T.
  • JULY: Interrupted Dialogue: Revisions: Contemporary Hungarian Art Zoltan Adam, Rosa El-Hassan, Peter Kiss, Istvan Regos, Janos Sugar, Attila Szucs, Zsolt Veress, Laszlo Laszlo Revesz, Janos Szirtes; Aboriginal Crisis LiveRichard Bell
  • AUGUST: Nine Frog Poems; Nine Skies, Nine Airs for B.A. 1990–1992 Robert MacPherson; Canary Tops and Dog Roses Katarina Vesterberg
  • SEPTEMBER: Justine and Juliette (The Reinventions of Love) and Other Silences Brad Buckley; Palace; Perfume Proceeds by Analogy: Corner Strategy Rosslynd Piggott
  • OCTOBER: The Wisdom of the Eye Michael Hill
  • NOVEMBER: You Are Here: Gay Art in the UK: Past, Present, and Future Bashir Baraki, Leonard Brown, Peter Cooley, Juan Davila, Brent Harris, Hiram To, Peter Tully, Ross Wallace Mathew Jones, David McDiarmid, Scott Redford, Luke Roberts (curators Luke Roberts, Scott Redford)
  • DECEMBER: Talking Outpost TISEAPolimaterismo: Reality Used to Be a Friend of Mine Maree Bracker, Kevin Franklin, Lee McClymont, Barbara Penrose, Rodney Spooner (curator Steven Alderton)
  • Off-Site Exhibition, Space Plenitude
  • FEBRUARY: Portrait of Blue Funk Stranger Still Jane Richens, Val Conner, Jaki Irvine, Brian Cross, Brian Hand, Thomas Green, Kevin Kelly, Evelyn Burn, Irish Media Art Group


  • FEBRUARY: Machine for Contacting the Dead Domenico De Clario
  • MARCH: Who’s Sorry Now? Maria Cruz, Louise Heilpern, Fiona Foley, Lyle French, Geoff Lowe, Elizabeth Newman, Luke Roberts, Stefan Sehler (curator Michele Helmrich)
  • APRIL: Onoffonoffonoff (Circuit) Joyce Hinterding; Priceless Mark Webb
  • MAY: Entropy Carl Breitkreuz, Rod Bunter, Saul Edmonds, Rebekah Fogaty, Natalie Jeremijenko, Marina Jetnikoff, Lee McClymont, Christian Pfaff, Lisa Schipper, David Stafford, Maryanne Venables, Katarina Vesterberg  (curator David Stafford)
  • JUNE: Chiliasm Dale Frank, John Coburn, Rick Donovon and Jason Manchester; Pangaea: The Eye of the WindHilary Boscott
  • JULY: Silence=Death Mathew Jones; Green and Black Jihad Muhammad (John Armstrong)
  • AUGUST: Faraway Geoff Weary; From Tokyo Ruby Davis; Production Bronwyn Clark-Coolee, Kerrie Poliness, Melinda Harper, Gail Hastings, Anne-Marie May (curator Bronwyn Clark-Coolee)
  • SEPTEMBER: Dis/Place Anne Lord, Kim Mahood, Barbara Pierce, Trudi Prideaux
  • OCTOBER: Second Language Andrew Arnaoutopoulos, John Conomos, Chris Caines, David Haines, Elizabeth Gertsakis, Pollyxenia Joannou, Eugenia Raskoloulos, Nike Savvas, Evangelos Sakaris and Mark Themann, Constanze Zikos
  • NOVEMBER: Fuel Ian Haig, Jeanelle Hurst, Bronia Iwanozak, Maria Kozic, Stelarc, Linda Wallace, Nicholas Zurbrugg, David Wojnarowicz, Fiona Templeton, Liz Stirling, Tuen Hocks (curator Jay Younger )
  • DECEMBER: The Disaster Writes Itself: More Juliet Lea; Dust Knights in Shining Amour: Part II (Maiden’s Revenge) David Crouch, Adam Wolfer, John Waller, Jacqueline Eyers
  • Off-Site Exhibitions, Below Zero
  • FEBRUARY: Edge of Reality Zeliko Maric
  • APRIL: Against Pure War Elizabeth Newman, Rebekah Fogaty, Ruth Propsting, John Waller, Lyle French, Derek Kreckler, Paul Churcher, Martin Boscott, Daryl Graham, Pat Hoffie, Nicholas Zurbrugg, Tanya Hillman, Luke Roberts, Rodney Spooner, Steven Alderton, Gillian Packer, Gordon Bennett, Matthew Dabrowski, Hilary Boscott, Natalie Billing, Felix Van Xilet, Paul Hocknell, Michael Hill, Robert Kinder, Scott Redford, Shane Kneipp, Carl Breitkreuz, Jihad Muhammad (John Armstrong), Zeliko Maric, Marshall Bell and Michael Eather, Jill Barker, Nick Tsoutas
  • MAY: Entropy Carl Breitkreuz, Roderick Bunter, Saul Edmonds, Rebekah Fogaty, Natalie Jeremijenko, Marina Jetnikoff, Lee McClymont, Christian Pfaff, Lisa Schipper, David Stafford, Maryanne Venables, Katarina Vesterberg (curator David Stafford)
  • JULY: Second Order Discourse Margo McClyntock, Rodney Spooner, Judith Kentish, Matthew Dabrowski, Dusan, John Coleman, Paul Hocknell (curator Joseph O’Connor)
  • AUGUST: Choke-Hold Daniel Mafe and Jill Barker, Carol Fastuca, Jondi Keane
  • SEPTEMBER: Acquiesce Lehan Ramsay
  • DECEMBER: New Kids on the Block (artworks by childern of artists, including Hollie, Joe Furlonger, Michael Eather, Dennis Magee, Stephanie Outridge-Field, Natalie Jeremijenko, Cernak, Jeanelle Hurst, Edite Videns, Margo McClintock)


  • FEBRUARY: 187 Works for the Peoples of Spiritual Revolution Eugene Carchesio
  • MARCH: Real Art Fergus Armstrong, Suzannah Barta, A.D.S. Donaldson, Diena Georgetti, Rosemary Laing, John Stafford (curator Graham Coulter-Smith)
  • APRIL: Stephen Bram; Paintings 1989 Melinda Harper
  • MAY: Strange Harmony of Contrasts Janet Burchill, Rosalie Gascoigne, Hilarie Mais, Scott Redford, Carole Roberts, Imants Tillers (curator Nicholas Baume)
  • JUNE: Fluxus! Eric Anderson, A-yo, George Brecht, Guiseppe Chiari, Philip Corner, Jean Dupuy, Geoff Hendricks, Dick Higgins, Joe Jones, Milan Knizak, Alison Knowles, Jackson MacLow, Charlotte Moorman, Nam June Paik, Ben Patterson, Serge III, Daniel Spoerri, Ben Vautier, Bob Watts, Emmett Williams (curators Nicholas Tsoutas, Nicholas Zurbrugg, Francesco Conz)
  • JULY: Turning the Circle Within Marie Biggins; Evolution Lyndall Milani
  • AUGUST: Space One Tim Gruchy; Something More Tracy Moffatt
  • SEPTEMBER: Communicating Vessels Jennifer McCamley, Jacky Redgate, Jelle Van Den Berg
  • OCTOBER: Home and Away: Continuum and Details Pat Hoffie, Su Baker, Anna Gibbs
  • NOVEMBER: Talking Cure Robert Kinder; Ground Work Judy Watson
  • DECEMBER: Psycho (D)rama Gordon Bennett; How to Discipline a Tree Derek Kreckler
  • Off-site Exhibitions at Below Zero
  • JULY: The True Wheel Simon Hibbelt
  • AUGUST: Balance of Trade Figures Marshall Bell, Michael Eather
  • SEPTEMBER: Tableaux a.a.r (Alain Vigieur) Bronwyn Clark-Coolee
  • OCTOBER: R.S.V.W.W.Z.: Art in the Age of the Business Machine
  • NOVEMBER: Above the Apothecary Tony Adams, Mark Davies, Sebastian di Mauro, Sharon Jewell, John Waller
  • DECEMBER: Morbid Moral Sober Steven Alderton


  • FEBRUARY: Between Delusions Jay Younger
  • MARCH: Paintings and Objects Peter Cripps
  • APRIL: Rest de Kreatur Diena Georgetti; Malice Lehan Ramsay
  • MAY: Salle de Reconnaissance Diena Georgetti, Scott Redford and Mark Webb, Hiram To, Luke Roberts, Belinda Gunn (curator Michelle Helmrich)
  • JUNE: Perspectives for Conscious Alterations in Everyday Life John Dunkley-Smith
  • JULY: Twenty Frog Poems: Distant Thunder (A Memorium) for D.M. 1987–1989 Robert MacPherson
  • AUGUST: Chinoiserie Landscape Tony Clark
  • SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER: Inhibodress 1970–1972 Tim Johnson, Peter Kennedy, Mike Parr (curator Sue Cramer)
  • NOVEMBER: The New Naturalism Janet Burchill, A.D.S. Donaldson, Clint Doyle, Helga Groves, Jennifer McCamley, Elizabeth Pulie, Carole Roberts, John Young (curator John Young)
  • DECEMBER: Post-Historical Dimension: The Sky of the South Hemisphere Braco Dimitrijevic


  • FEBRUARY: Quartet: Four Melbourne Artists Melinda Harper, Michael Graf, Gary Wilson, Rosslynd Piggot
  • MARCH: Resemblance Anne Zahalka
  • APRIL: History Tony Clark, Peter Cripps, Lindy Lee, Geoff Lowe, John Nixon, Vivienne Shark LeWitt, John Young   
  • MAY: A Warring Peace, A Sweet Wound, A Mild Evil Robert Owen   
  • JUNE: (I)magical Poetics Eugene Carchesio, Brian Doherty, Diena Georgetti, Hollie, Hiram To (curator Urszula Szulakowska)
  • JULY: Fortune Anna Zahalka, Jacky Redgate, Geoff Kleem, Jeff Gibson, Janet Burchill, Geoff Weary
  • AUGUST: Maria Kozic
  • SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER: Inside the White Cube Jean-Luc Vilmouth, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (curator Catherine Arthus-Bertrand)
  • OCTOBER: Casual Works: Working Drawings, Source Materials, Doodles 1974–1987 Howard Arkley
  • NOVEMBER: Prediction Piece 6: Pipe Dreaming Installation 2 Lyndal Jones
  • DECEMBER: Honni Soit Qui Mal y Pense Fiona MacDonald


  • FEBRUARY: Robert Hunter
  • MARCH: Overmind Janet Burchill; Expression Stieg Persson
  • MARCH–APRIL: The Shadow of Reason John Nixon, John Young, Lindy Lee, Vivienne Shark LeWitt, Tim Johnson, Jacky Redgate (curator Judy Annear)
  • APRIL–MAY: Conducting Bodies (2) Merilyn Fairskye; Photographs from Rocklife plus an Allegory Stephen Roach
  • MAY–JUNE: Lines of Force Jay Younger, Mark Webb, Jeanelle Hurst, Adam Wolter, Leanne Ramsay, John Stafford, Allen Furlong, Wayne Smith, Scott Redford (curator Graham Coulter-Smith)
  • JULY: Another Periphery: Seventeen Mail Paintings from Chile Eugenio Dittborn
  • AUGUST: Painting 1981–1987 Linda Marrinon
  • SEPTEMBER: Painting History Komar and Melamid (curator Gary Sangster)
  • OCTOBER: Untitled 1983–1984 Bill Henson
  • NOVEMBER: Overlooking Nice Harbour Fritz Rahman (curator Peter Cripps)       
  • DECEMBER: IMA Performance Season (curator Virginia Barratt)


  • FEBRUARY–MARCH: Young Contemporaries Eugene Carchesio, Dale Chapman, Grant Dearden, Marian Drew, Brian Doherty, Maria Fillipow, Daryl Graham, Sally Hart, Shane Kneipp, Rosalinda McGoven, David Russ, Wayne Smith, John Stafford, Ross Thompson, Mark Webb, Jay Younger, Robert Wilkie, ZIPP Group, Tim Gruchy, Irene Luckus, Matt Mawson, Terry Murphy, John Wilstead
  • MARCH–APRIL: Robert Mapplethorpe
  • APRIL–MAY: Love + Pride Scott Redford; Gary Warner
  • MAY–JUNE: Languish Tim Johnson; Catch it on the Wing Marianne Baillieu
  • JUNE–JULY: Drawings 1982–1986Ten Famous Feelings For Men and Tower Hill Geoff Lowe
  • JULY–AUGUST: Past and Present Davida Allen, Joe Furlonger, Hollie, Jon Molvig, Ruth Propsting, Gordon Shepherdson, Andrew Sibley, Ian Smith, Ross Thompson (curator Robert Lingard)
  • AUGUST: Paintings 1985–1986 Vivienne Shark LeWitt; The Soft Pillow of Doubt Bronwyn Clark-Coolee
  • SEPTEMBER: Know Your Product Anti-Music, O’flate, Wrap Girls, Zip History, Tim Gruchy, Irena Luckus, Terry Murphy, Matt Mawson, John Wilsteed (curator Ross Harley)
  • OCTOBER: Q Space + Q Space Annex 1980–1981 Jenny Watson, Imants Tillers, Peter Tyndall, Hilary Boscott, John Davis, Robert MacPherson, John Nixon
  • NOVEMBER–DECEMBER: The Gothic: Perversity and Its Pleasure Joanna Flynn, Fiona Hall, Fiona MacDonald, Jan Nelson, Susan Norrie, Joanne Ritson, Vivienne Shark LeWitt (curator Robyn McKenzie)


  • MARCH: Brisbane Hot Paul Andrew, John Boundy, Maria Cleary, Chrissy Feld, Joe Furlonger, Ranna Hale, O’flate, Scott Redford, Ross Thomson, John Waller
  • APRIL: Visual Tension (curators John Buckley, Ashley Crawford)
  • MAY–JUNE: Recession Art and Other Strategies Gunter Christmann, Peter Cripps, Robert MacPherson, John Nixon, Peter Tyndall
  • JUNE–JULY: The Politics of Picturing Peter Burgess, Tony Coleing, Juan Davilla, Pam Debenham, John Dunkley-Smith, Richard Dunn, Merilyn Fairskye, Tim Johnson, Anatjari No. 1 Jampitjinpa, Lyndal Jones, Peter Tyndall (curator Suzanne Davies)
  • JULY–AUGUST: IMA/George Paton Exchange Exhibition Fiona MacDonald, Christopher Van der Craats, Stieg Persson, Rozalind Drummond (curator Denise Robinson), Hilary Boscott, Martin Boscott, Hollie, Scott Redford (curator Suzanne Davis)
  • AUGUST: Drawing from the Barricades Richard Dunn (curator Bronwyn Clark-Coolee)                  
  • SEPTEMBER–NOVEMBER: Survey Exhibition Robert MacPherson (curators Peter Cripps, Malcolm Enright)
  • NOVEMBER: detail A Person Looks at a Work of Art/someone looks at something Peter Tyndall
  • NOVEMBER: Tasmanian Wolf at the Eis-Cafe and Gleisdreieck Penny Algar
  • DECEMBER: Melbourne Vision Julie Patey; Peripheral Focus (Established) Mark Webb; Red Life Passage PieceHollie


  • FEBRUARY–MARCH: Not A Picture Show, A Show of Connections: An Exhibition of the Usages of Photography(curators Gayle Pollard, Glenn Puster)
  • MARCH–APRIL: One Flat Exhibit Adam Boyd, Eugene Carchesio, James Creagh, Richard De Souza, Ian Hobbs, Russell Lake, Ian MacIntosh, Zeliko Marick, Kate Parker, Rut Propsting, Gary Warner, Adam Wolter (curator Jeanelle Hurst)
  • APRIL: Rasa Todosijevic
  • MAY: Rites of Delay Lindy Lee and Janet Burchill (curator Mark Titmarsh)
  • JUNE: Mediations Allan Vizents, Paul Thomas, Jeff Jones (curator Nigel Helyer)
  • JUNE–JULY: Mandy Martin
  • AUGUST–SEPTEMBER: Magnetic Seizure John Young
  • SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER: Dale Frank; Dick Watkins
  • OCTOBER–NOVEMBER: Ruth Propsting
  • NOVEMBER–DECEMBER: Show No Cowardice Tony Clark, John Matthews, Ted Riggs, Adam Wolter, Bronwyn Clark-Coolee, John Young, Kate Farrell, Janet Burchill
  • DECEMBER: Three Nights of Performance Climbing Frame, Zip Collective, O’flate


  • FEBRUARY–MARCH: The Collage Show Tony Coleing, Robert Klippel, Alun Leach-Jones, Helen Lillicrapp, Elwyn Lynn, Mary MacQueen, Robert MacPherson, Gareth Samson, Ian Smith, Madonna Straunton (curator Ray Hughes)
  • MARCH–APRIL: Kevin Sheehan, John Lethbridge
  • APRIL–MAY: Chris Downie, Dian Lloyd, Franco Marinelli, Murray Overheu (curator Lisa Anderson)
  • MAY: No Names
  • JUNE: Henri Chopin, Barry McCallion
  • JUNE–JULY: Minimalism x Six Jenny Watson, Imants Tillers, John Nixon, Robert MacPherson, Robert Jacks, Peter Tyndall (curator Malcolm Enright)
  • JULY–AUGUST: Mike Parr
  • AUGUST–SEPTEMBER: The Installation (curator Adrian Martin)
  • OCTOBER–NOVEMBER: Images of a Green Man Terry O’Malley
  • NOVEMBER–DECEMBER: Stills and Performance John Gillies
  • DECEMBER: Homage to Degas Anthony Howell 


  • FEBRUARY–MARCH: Imants Tillers
  • MARCH–APRIL: Elizabeth Gower; John Nixon
  • MAY: Hilary Boscott (curator Robert MacPherson)
  • JUNE: Maryrose Sinn and Rose McGreevy (curator Adrian Hall)
  • JUNE–JULY: Carol Conde and Karl Beveridge
  • AUGUST: Luke Roberts (curator Ted Riggs)
  • SEPTEMBER: Australian Screenprints
  • OCTOBER: Gary Wills (curator Jennifer Phipps)
  • NOVEMBER: Lisa Anderson; Julide Dellal; Craig Roger; Paul Saint
  • NOVEMBER–DECEMBER: Recent Prints Howard Hodgkin
  • DECEMBER: Mona Ryder


  • MARCH: Richard Dunn
  • APRIL: Tony Coleing
  • MAY: Bonita Ely
  • JUNE: Mike Parr
  • JULY: John Dunkley-Smith; Wall Painting: Muzak Mural Howard Arkley
  • AUGUST: November Eleven: An Australian History: Installation No. 2: A Work in Progress Peter Kennedy; Anti Music
  • SEPTEMBER: Fragments from City Life Peter Cripps
  • OCTOBER: Whyalla: Not A Document 1977–1981 Virginia Coventry
  • NOVEMBER: Adrian Hall; Kevin Mortensen
  • DECEMBER: ‘A Person on Film Signalling to Someone in Painting’: An Installation Robert MacPherson


  • FEBRUARY: Recent European Drawing
  • MARCH: Robert MacPherson
  • APRIL: Photographic/Structural/Analysis Hilary Boscott Riggs; Screaming Teens Mob Paintings Peter Tyndall
  • MAY: Imants Tillers
  • JUNE: Virginia Coventry; Six Paintings 1970–1980 Jenny Watson
  • JULY: John Dunkley-Smith
  • AUGUST: John Davis
  • SEPTEMBER: Gunter Christmann; Ti Parks   
  • OCTOBER: Ten Constructive Paintings 1940–1950 Ralph Balson; Robert Jacks
  • NOVEMBER: Anti-Music
  • NOVEMBER: Eleven and Selected Works 1964–1978 Peter Kennedy
  • DECEMBER: William T. Wiley


  • FEBRUARY–MARCH: Heuristic Models and Other Works 1976–1979 Richard Dunn
  • MARCH: Choice Jill Scott
  • APRIL: Cycles and Directions 1935–1975 Roger Kemp; Two Works John Nixon; Documentary Cartoons Fred Rosenberg
  • MAY–JUNE: The Wind My Home Mario Merz; Given the Room Tim Head
  • JUNE: Dunlop Michael Cooper; A Performance Ulrike Rosenbach
  • JUNE–JULY: Photographs and Props 1971–1978 Robert Cumming; Eight Works David Troostwyk
  • JULY–AUGUST: Pain Melts Jill Orr; Electronic Pencils XVII Dragon Ilic
  • AUGUST: Retrospective Exhibition Allan Bourne
  • SEPTEMBER: A Recent Work Madonna Staunton; Urban/Rural Warehouse Hilary Boscott
  • OCTOBER: Four and a Half Months in the North Glen O’Malley
  • NOVEMBER: Two Rooms Charles Garrad
  • DECEMBER: Uses of Photography in Europe: Photographs from the Third Biennale of Sydney (curator Beatrice Parent)


  • FEBRUARY–MARCH: Ten Works 1970–1977 Michael Craig-Martin
  • MARCH–APRIL: Contemporary Canadian Painters Claude Breeze, Paterson Ewen, Charles Gagnon, Gershon Iskowitz, Ron Martin, John Meredith, Guido Molinari
  • APRIL: Recent Drawings on Themes from Samuel Beckett Sidney Nolan
  • MAY: Peanuts: Installations and Performances Bob Ramsay; Photographs Ralph Gibson
  • MAY–JUNE: Recent Sculpture 1977–78 Paul Selwood
  • JUNE–JULY: Sculptures 1971–1977 Nigel Hall  
  • JULY: National Art: A Simplistic View: Queensland Series Robert MacPherson
  • AUGUST: Images Kerry Kennedy
  • AUGUST–SEPTEMBER: Carl Andre; Robert Hunter; State Your Aim/Set Your Sights/Make Your Mark Peter Tyndall
  • SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER: Fundamental Minimalism: Four New York Artists Peter Fleishman, Ric Evans, Robert Jacks, Paul Stratigos; Paintings and Drawings 1944–1978 Arthur Boyd
  • OCTOBER–NOVEMBER: Some Contemporary Art from the East Coast of Australia; [?] [artist books and bookworks]
  • NOVEMBER–DECEMBER: Recent Paintings Denise Green


  • FEBRUARY: Brisbane, New York—New York, Brisbane: A Subway Work Bruce Latimer
  • MARCH: Formal Seduction John Lethbridge
  • APRIL: A New Work Rosalie Gascoigne; Two Melbourne Painters Paul Baxter, Fraser Fair
  • MAY: Paintings on Slate 1941–42 Sidney Nolan; New Drawings 1977 Sidney Nolan; Nine Large Drawings James Rosenquist
  • MAY–JUNE: Illusion and Reality Chuck Close, Joseph Kosuth, Judd Nelson, Lilliana Porter, Joseph Raffael, Paul Sharits, Jenny Watson (curator John Stringer, also held at Queensland Art Gallery)
  • JUNE–JULY: Workings John Danvers
  • JULY: Paintings and Drawings Ann Thomson
  • AUGUST: Les Kossatz; Twenty Recent Drawings Denise Green
  • AUGUST–SEPTEMBER: Three Works/Three Weeks Robert MacPherson; Works on Paper Andrew Nott
  • SEPTEMBER: Don Celender; Twenty Photographic Pictures David Hockney
  • SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER: Bent Photography: West Coast USAMM of Rue St Denis George Baldessin
  • OCTOBER: Eight Artists from British Columbia Mowry Baden, Roland Breuer, Christos Dikeakos, Fred Douglas, Dean Ellis, Rodney Graham, Tod Greenaway, Ian Wallace
  • OCTOBER–NOVEMBER: Paintings 1963–1977 Fred Williams
  • NOVEMBER–DECEMBER: Photographs Diane Arbus


  • FEBRUARY: Gold Coast City Art Prize
  • MARCH–APRIL: American Glass
  • APRIL: Clermont: Before and After
  • MAY–JUNE: A Tribute to Two Naive Painters Charles Callins, James Fardoulys
  • JUNE: Brisbane Painting Today
  • JUNE–JULY: A Work for Wool, Fluorotubes, and Open Door Ian Hamilton; Everybody Should Get Stones Noel Sheridan
  • JULY: Notes for Oedipus Sidney Nolan
  • JULY–AUGUST: Cloudy at Times Ron Rowe; Ian Hamilton
  • AUGUST–SEPTEMBER: Five New Zealand Printmakers Barry Cleavin, Stanley Palmer, Gary Tricker, Marilynn Webb, Robin White; Four Art Objects Murray Turner; Photographs and Anti-Photographs Elliott Erwitt
  • SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER: John Baldessari
  • SEPTEMBER: Paintings and Drawings Nick Mourtzakis
  • OCTOBER: A Piece for Slides, Tape-Recorder, Silver Screen Gunter Christmann; Working Drawings Edward May;Australian and New Zealand Post-Object Art
  • NOVEMBER: Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture Michael Johnson
  • NOVEMBER–DECEMBER: East Coast Drawings: Towards Some Definitions
  • DECEMBER: Playground for Paranoids and Other Works Ian Hamilton


  • AUGUST: John Olsen
  • SEPTEMBER: Robert MacPherson
  • OCTOBER: Banners and Heraldry Paintings Ray Richardson
  • NOVEMBER: Vivienne Pengilley
  • DECEMBER: Contemporary German Art

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First Thursdays, Elisa Jane Carmichael
5 July 2018

Elisa Jane Carmichael has curated an evening to celebrate saltwater resources through gathering, feasting, storytelling, yarning, and weaving. Carmichael is...