Rachel O'Reilly
  • 'INFRACTIONS', 2019, 1:03:00, HD video, split screen with text, Dolby 5.1


Rachel O'Reilly


18 September–19 December 202018 Sep–19 Dec 2020


Premiering in Australia at the IMA is INFRACTIONS, a feature length video installation in dialogue with frontline Indigenous cultural workers’ struggles against threats to more than half of the Northern Territory from shale gas fracking.

Directed by Queensland born, Berlin based artist and writer Rachel O’Reilly, INFRACTIONS is the final work of The Gas Imaginary (2013–2019), which has used poetry, drawing, moving images and lecture formats to track the legal, aesthetic and technical conceits of ‘unconventional’ energy in settler colonial space. With the lifting of a moratorium in 2018, British, US, and homegrown mining companies seek to exploit traditional homelands and licence the expansion of a toxic industry across vast underground water systems, which are also key sites of culture and law for Indigenous people. In INFRACTIONS, artists and activists from Hermannsburg, Marlinja, and Gulf Country are connected to Gooreng Gooreng (Gladstone) elders’ memories of extraction in Queensland, while the Indigenous legal theorist Irene Watson explains the impact of environmental in/justice.

Featuring: Dimakarri ‘Ray’ Dixon (Mudburra), Jack Green (Garawa, Gudanji), Gadrian Hoosan (Garrwa, Yanyuwa), Juliri Ingra (Gooreng Gooreng), Jackie Johnson (Gooreng Gooreng), Que Kenny (Western Arrarnta), Robert O’Keefe (Wambaya), Neola Savage (Gooreng Gooreng), the Sandridge Band, and Professor Irene Watson (Tanganekald, Meintangk Bunganditj), author of Aboriginal Peoples, Colonialism and International Law.

Director/Research/Camera/Sound: Rachel O’Reilly; Producer: Mason Leaver-Yap; Editor/Visual Research: Sebastian Bodirsky; Camera: Tibor Hegeis, Colleen Raven (Nharla Photography); Sound mastering: Jochen Jezussek; Map visuals: Valle Medina, Benjamin Reynolds  (Pa.LaC.E); Subtitles: Katharina Habibi.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands where the IMA now stands. We pay our respect to Elders past, present, and emerging.