Courtney Coombs
  • Courtney Coombs, 'Sunset (with Nancy)', 2018, digital image.


Courtney Coombs

Field of Vision

09 November 2019–08 February 202009 Nov 2019–08 Feb 2020

IMA Belltower at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts


After an open call for applications across Queensland, Courtney Coombs has been selected to exhibit as part of the IMA Belltower program.

Field of Vision presents new works which engage with the horizon as a starting point, and a metaphor, for discussing the human condition—specifically connection, disconnection, and longing.

As an artist, writer and facilitator, Coombs adopts an array of materials, mediums and approaches to present subjective, vulnerable, and earnest moments. By responding to the cis-heteronormative, patriarchal, and neoliberal structures of both the art world and society more broadly with gestures and propositions, they hope to disrupt dominant narratives, prompting conversation, reflection, and a celebration of difference.



Artist Bio
Courtney Coombs

Coombs was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy from QUT in 2015 and has exhibited throughout Australia and internationally. Recent solo exhibitions include: Sometimes it’s the little things, Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane (upcoming); Drifting, Casa Lu, Mexico City (2018); Building Bridges, Wreckers Artspace, Brisbane (2018); Looking Out, Metro Arts, Brisbane (2016); Urban Strolling, Cut Thumb ARI, Brisbane (2016); It’s Complicated, Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane (2014); In Pursuit of Magic, Bus Projects, Melbourne (2014); Wish you were here, Rojitohito, Tokyo (2012); The sum of all things?, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane (2012); and I fucking love you, Metro Arts, Brisbane (2011).

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