Greatest Hits / Previously Unreleased Tracks

21 October–25 November 2006

Recent Queensland video works, some seen for the first time. Archie Moore's False Friends features snippets from learning-foreign-language recordings which he has misheard as English. He transliterates them and reorders them to suggest a vulgar narrative. Peter Alwast's CAD animation ShwAAA offers a hybrid city-language-video-scape recalling Archigram's futurist follies from the 1960s. Van Sowerwine's maudlin award-winning stop-frame doll-animation Clara sees one girl mourning the death of another. Parodying a pain-endurance performance document, Paul Mumme's looped video shows a match burning endlessly, gripped between two fingers. It's painful only for the viewer. Chris Bennie creates budget sci-fi FX by recording data-projector lens flare in Down to Earth. For Lady in Red, Jemima Wyman filmed herself from above and below while singing along to the Chris de Burgh song. Extreme angles make her both sexy and grotesque. Sandra Selig contributes one of her 'inframaterial field recordings' in which we see (and hear) overlapping screens move across one another, generating moire patterns.