Greatest Hits Volume 3

21 April–9 June 2012

Chris Bennie, Catherine Sagin, Sean Barrett, Daniel McKewen, Alex Cuffe, Liam O'Brien, David Nixon, Sandra Selig, Grant Stevens

Selected by Anna Zammit, Greatest Hits Volume 3 is a mixed tape of recent videos by Queensland artists, and a sequel to our shows Greatest Hits (2006) and Volume II (2009). In Chris Bennie's The Commonwealth Perspective, moody hypnotic footage of a churning ocean is accompanied by a foghorn soundtrack. Collaborative duo Catherine Sagin stage a 'residency' in a car, endlessly driving around Brisbane's domestic airport listening to the 'Shire Theme' from The Lord of the Rings. Sean Barrett snogs himself in a mirror, in the painfully narcissistic Love You. Inspired by Stephen Spielberg's dolly shots and John Baldessari's collages, Daniel McKewen's ghostly Untitled (After Steven and John) explores the close-up's affective power. A crazed Mad-Max-esque character, Madboots, takes the wheel of Alex Cuffe's customised Dekotora Mobility Scooter. A study of his lubricated hands, Liam O'Brien's Untitled (Hands) has sexual undertones. Transforming the mundane into the poetic, David Nixon films a magically floating feather bower in Subterfuge. Sandra Selig observes the world blurred through a rain-splattered car windscreen in The Moon and Its Ghosts. Grant Stevens's Hankering chronicles small pleasures. What do we all really want? 100% cotton sheets is the consensus.