• MC_AGNSW_Cropped

    Megan Cope, ‘RE FORMATION part 3 (Dubbagullee)’, 2017, hand-cast concrete Sydney rock oysters, copper slag, dimensions variable. Installation view: AGNSW: The National: New Australian Art. Courtesy of the artist and THIS IS NO FANTASY dianne tanzer + nicola stein


13 April–8 June 2019

Curated by Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh

In an age marked by mass migration, technologically accelerated dislocation, and rapid urban development, notions of home and belonging need to be imagined anew. At once located and displaced, how to live together is one of the crucial questions of our time. These ideas have even greater urgency in settler-colonial contexts where notions of ownership have very real consequences historically and in the present. Artists in this exhibition—Zanny BeggHeman ChongFiona ConnorMegan CopeBrian Jungen & Duane LinklaterJoar NangoChristian Nyampeta, and Amie Siegel—present works focusing on the conceptions, creations, developments, and experiences of home. Ultimately, a growing population, changing climate, and dwindling natural resources demand that we envision what our shared future may look like.