Event MONO 39: Éliane Radigue

MONO 39: Éliane Radigue

Diffusion by Lawrence English

25 September 2021

Join us for a special edition of MONO, a presentation of French composer and electronic music pioneer Éliane Radigue‘s work Adnos I-III. This three-part epic piece invites deep reflection and a profound surrender of the self in the moment.

In 1974 Radigue completed the first part of a work titled Adnos. In Latin ‘ad’ means towards, and ‘nos’ refers to the idea of us, and more specifically the inner notion of the soul or spirit. Each volume in this series of compositions not only deepened Radigue’s interests in sound that could reside within the mind and the body equally, but also resolved many of her now trademark compositional, harmonic, and timbral approaches. It would take Éliane Radigue almost a decade to complete the trilogy, which has gone on to become one of her most celebrated works.

For MONO 39, the complete trilogy of Adnos will be presented in full, diffused by Lawrence English, through a specially crafted multichannel/diffusion sound system. Éliane Radigue has kindly instructed Lawrence English on the methods and approaches which have been used to guide and present her work for the better part of six decades.

This promises to be a truly special event, set to deepen the internal wellspring that resides within us all.


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  • Partner:

    MONO is a program of sound curated by Lawrence English of Room40

Courtesy of the artist

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