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In Praise of Opacity


The view of translation as a second-rate, derivative form of writing, seems to prevail in Western discourse on the subject since sometime around the 17th century. The lowly status of translation is reflected in stadard book publishing practices and in modern copyright law. It is  perhaps because of our desire to think of the translation as a transperency, a clear window through which we see the meaning of the original, that we lose sight of the obvious impossibility of a one-to-one correspondence and take for granted the presence of the translator and the choices and praxis involved in the task.

Edited by Daniel Frota. Contributors: Cecilia Costa, Derek Byrne, Fred Cave, Listette Smits, Maria Jimena Sanchez, Matthew Kneebone, Menelaos Kouroudis, Miguel Nobrega, Paul Elliman, Pedro Moraes, Sarah Tripp, Virgine Gauthier, Will Holder, Yana Forque. Published by Werkplaats Typografie and ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem.


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