ResourceEmerging artists and diasporic spaces

Emerging artists and diasporic spaces

Panel Discussion


Diaspora (defn): the dispersion of people from their homeland or a community formed by people who have exited or been removed from their homeland.

Commentary on the diasporic experience is woven through the three current exhibitions at the IMA; Becoming Alluvium by Thao Nguyen Phan,  See/Through by Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan and the churchie emerging art prize 2021. 

This panel discussion explores this conversation locally and invites emerging artists and artsworkers to share insights into the value and function of diasporic spaces in Brisbane’s contemporary art communities. Mark du Potiers from XYZ ARI, Lucy Nguyn-Hunt from Anthem ARI, Ty Goddard from Thicc Shake, and Naavikaran are joined by Aniway Aquilizan for this panel discussion at the IMA.

The panellists discuss how dedicated spaces for hybrid identities assist people of colour to reimagine their contributions and sense of self. They talk about how these spaces are perceived inside their communities and explore how the pandemic has intensified the ‘ambivalence’ at the heart of diasporic experience.  

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Emerging artists and diasporic spaces

Panel Discussion

30 October 2021

Related Exhibition

Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan


09 Oct–18 Dec 2021

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